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When Illinois employers discriminate against, abuse or take advantage of their workers, the Law Office of Steven Horak holds them accountable. With over 30 years of experience, attorney Steven Horak brings a tested record and forceful representation to employment law cases.

Serving Employees In Any Industry, Across The Chicago Metro

Wronged In The Workplace? I Can Help.

As the United States’ third-largest city, Chicago is home to a vibrant array of industries and businesses which collectively employ millions of people. While every employee deserves to feel that their rights, dignity and safety are protected in the workplace, any employee can face unfair, illegal discrimination, sexual harassment or abuse.

As the founder and sole attorney at the Law Office of Steven Horak, I represent workers – regardless of their profession, identity or experience – in their fight for justice against the harmful actions of employers. With extensive experience in industrial-labor relations and litigation, I am not afraid to take your case to the courtroom. Committed to combining meticulous preparation with aggressive legal strategies, I provide attentive, personalized service tailored to help you reclaim your future.

Move Forward From Financial Hardship

Despite my over three decades as a successful attorney, I know the feelings of frustration, disappointment, helplessness that financial hardship can bring. I also know the importance of having a steadfast ally to provide clear, effective guidance as you navigate life’s challenges. That is why I am dedicated to using my skill as a litigator to help you move forward from periods of confusion and difficulty. In addition to my employment law practice, I am prepared to assist you with filing for Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. I bring a tested understanding of the law and passionate, articulate representation to your legal concerns, and work to meet your needs with straightforward support.

Don’t Tolerate Mistreatment: Take Action

Don’t Tolerate Mistreatment: Take Action

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